Rat Versus Drinks


Who is to blame? The rat or the owner of the drinks? Rat versus drinks!!! Unkempt environment attracts rodents and this can leads to Lassa Fever Epidemic. Keep your environment clean always!!!rat drunk

The Fear of Rats

The fear of rats they say is the beginning of wisdom, but if you fumigate today, you don’t need to fear Lassa Fever Epidemic. Call the expert today, call Fumigaclean limited on :08023234004 or via whatshap :08051102495. A trial will make you to tell others about our quality service!!!


Media Parley on LASSA Fever

Media parley organised by Pest Control Association of Nigeria on the Panacea to Lassa Fever on going now at The Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council, Lagos, Nigeria today 27th January, 2016.