As Professional Pest Controllers , experience has shown to us that that a room is neat does not makes it to be free of bed bug .Both the homes of the poor and the rich are being affected by this blood sucking vampire .In recent years, bed bug infestation has taken a larger part of pest problem in homes after mosquitoes, cockroaches and rats . In order for all homes and offices to be free of this deadly menace ,hence this Operation No To Bed Bug Campaign !!!

A Bed Bug is a Pest . It is a nuisance to human being. It’s a blood sucking vampire to avoid by human. It Sucks human blood thereby causing itches on the body of man . Some reddish spots are noticed on the body of any affected human thereby causing discomfort . Before now, it was widely believed that bed bug doesn’t cause disease ,however, in a joint research between the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia in Peru ,John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in the USA. It was found out that bed bug causes a disease known as chagas disease ( Trypanozoma Cruz ) . According to their findings , bed bug carries and transmits the disease through its faeces ( excreta ) .

It reproduces in large number and can be found in hidden areas, cavities and crevices of your homes. Furniture, beds, mattresses, pillows, walls, etc are the best hide out for bed bug . This demonic blood sucking pest can be found in areas you think it can’t be found. It requires professionals to put an end to its activities. Adequate attention is required during the control for a lasting solution to be achieved .Give your home and offices the best treatment by calling us on how your homes and offices would be free of bed bugs.The following places are prone to bed bugs :
* Hotels
* Hostels
* Schools
* Hospitals
* Aircraft
* Ship
* Buses
* Cars
* Residential homes
* Offices
* Public Places ,etc

Are you having bed bug problem in your homes and offices ? Don’t be scared of it ! Call the professional pest control firm to put an end to the problem. Have you been told of no solution to the problem? Never mind ! We end the problem by given you guarantee. Don’t be bugged by bed bug! Be wise by putting an end to this embarrassment of calling your attention to bed bug moving on your dress in a public transport, in the office and at public functions. Call us today for a good result. Call FUMIGACLEAN LIMITED on : 08023234004,08038888791.Email:,
We have a proven track record of over 2 decades of quality pest control services to the nation and our testimonials speak volume in effective bed bugs treatment.

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Rat Versus Drinks


Who is to blame? The rat or the owner of the drinks? Rat versus drinks!!! Unkempt environment attracts rodents and this can leads to Lassa Fever Epidemic. Keep your environment clean always!!!rat drunk


If you have the habit of lighting mosquito coil every night to wipe out mosquitoes, then hold on! You might as well wipe out yourself!
Mosquitoes = living beings
We humans = living beings
If mosquitoes can get affected from the smoke coming out of a coil, how can you think you and I can manage to stay hale and hearty?
A study conducted by the Indian Chest Research Foundation (ICRF) showed that inhaling the smoke from a mosquito coil in a closed room for 8 hours is equivalent to smoking about a 100 cigarettes.
In another study conducted at the Taiwanese Institute of Medicine, it was found that a staggering 50%of the lung cancer deaths in Taiwan not as a result of cigarette smoke, but mosquito coil.
Pyrethrum is the major constituent of a mosquito coil. This chemical stings the mosquitoes in their eyes and makes them blind. Its working method, if you ask me. This is how it ‘protects’ us from the annoying gnaws of mosquitoes.
The chemical’s long time presence and usage as an insecticide for years, is what makes Pyrethrum trustworthy. But breathing in too much of the chemical can increase the risk of asthma, wheezing and other serious long disorder.
Now that you have heard about the problem, what you want to hear from me are the solutions. Yes! Since I don’t want you to die before your time, I have solutions to the problem which I refer to as alternatives to mosquito coil.

(1)MOSQUITO NET:This is the cheapest. It has no smoke, no suffocation and no suffocation.
(2)GARLIC :Are you not surprised to hear this? Yes! Garlic is good in driving away mosquitoes. How does it works then? Very simple! Consume lots of garlic, mosquitoes can’t just withstand the stuff. Remember that garlic is also good as antibiotic for your body so you are damn too lucky!
(3)NEEM OIL :Apply neem oil to your skin. Neem oil is used as a natural insecticide. Its also the best skincare product.
(4) LAVENDER OIL :This is commonly used as a mosquito repellent. It has a beautiful fragrance too.
(5)FUMIGATION :For those who can’t go for the four options above, you have a good news in fumigation. Please, invite a qualified pest control company to carry out fumigation exercise that will get rid of mosquitoes in your home.
With all the above, I think you are more than convinced as to the reasons why you should avoid mosquitoes coils if you want to live long. Thank you and welcome to the world of healthy living. Cheers!!!

The Fear of Rats

The fear of rats they say is the beginning of wisdom, but if you fumigate today, you don’t need to fear Lassa Fever Epidemic. Call the expert today, call Fumigaclean limited on :08023234004 or via whatshap :08051102495. A trial will make you to tell others about our quality service!!!


Media Parley on LASSA Fever

Media parley organised by Pest Control Association of Nigeria on the Panacea to Lassa Fever on going now at The Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council, Lagos, Nigeria today 27th January, 2016.